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Forensic Engineering

We provide expert analysis and investigation of structural failures, offering insights for legal proceedings and insurance claims.

Condition Assessment

Our thorough evaluations identify potential issues in buildings and infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and compliance.

Structural Inspection

With meticulous attention to detail, we conduct comprehensive inspections to assess the integrity of structures and identify maintenance needs.

Testing & Instrumentation

Utilizing advanced technology, we perform precise testing and instrumentation services to gather critical data for engineering analysis.

Remedial Solutions

We develop tailored solutions to address structural deficiencies, enhancing safety and longevity of buildings and infrastructure.

Slope Rehabilitation

Our specialized techniques and solutions restore stability to slopes, mitigating erosion and landslide, to optimize minimal risks.

Tender Facilitation

Our expert facilitation ensures smooth tender processes, enabling efficient procurement of services and materials for projects.

Tender Management

We manage tender processes with precision, overseeing documentation and negotiations to secure optimal outcomes for clients.

Bill Of Quantities

Our detailed bills of quantities provide accurate estimates of project costs, supporting effective budget planning and management.

Professional Certification

We offer professional certification services, verifying compliance with industry standards and regulations for construction projects.

Refurbishment Design

Our innovative design solutions breathe new life into existing structures, optimizing functionality and aesthetics in this modern world.

Design Verification & Validation

We verify and validate engineering designs to meet requirements and regulatory standards.

Due Diligence & Pre-Acquisition Audits

Our thorough audits provide valuable insights for informed decision-making in property acquisitions and development.

Latent Claims Advisory

We offer expert guidance and support in navigating latent claims issues, resolving disputes efficiently and effectively.

Dispute Resolution & Arbitration

We provide expert support in dispute resolution and arbitration processes, helping clients achieve favorable outcomes.

Expert Witness Support

We offer expert witness support, providing credible testimony and analysis to support legal proceedings.

Remediation Waterproofing

We implement effective waterproofing solutions to protect structures from water damage and deterioration.

Repainting Projects

Our repainting services enhance the appearance and durability of buildings, ensuring long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

Works Monitoring

We provide diligent monitoring of construction works, ensuring compliance with design specifications and quality standards.

Site Supervision

Our experienced site supervisors oversee construction activities, ensuring safety, quality, and adherence to project timelines.

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